Alternative to drilling

Molar Bear Family Dental

Dentist appointments without the dreaded “drill”!!

We have all heard it, the dreaded unmistakable high pitched dental drill.
The mere idea of it can invoke a fear response within you and ponder the idea of never going to the dentist again in your life.
We don’t blame you at all.

However, with the Fotona laser at Molar Bear Dental, Dr. Wang can achieve fillings WITHOUT a drill!

Yes, you read that correctly. The laser is able to clear out decay from the tooth through a minimally invasive technique.
Dr. Wang values your comfort, your time, and most importantly your overall health. With the laser, she is able to accurately and precisely only affect the decayed tooth structure so we are able to preserve as much natural tooth as possible.
She doesn’t stop there, after the tooth is back to only healthy structure, she then places a BPA free tooth-colored composite filling material.
Using the least invasive technique possible with the best materials available are hallmarks of what makes Molar Bear Family Dental different.

Seeing is believing, come in and meet the team and learn about our integrative, biological standards of care.