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Molar Bear New Patient Form

At Molar Bear Family Dental, we do not only see teeth and gum, but also connect your oral health to whole body health. We look forward to meeting every member of your family and helping them to achieve proper whole body health, and reach their full potential.
We would like to reduce the paper use in our office to decrease the amount of trees wasted. We would greatly appreciated it if you can download the new patient form, filled it up and email back to before you come in for the first visit. Together, we can save the planet and keep it green.

Join Our Monthly Molar Bear Tea Talk Event

With Gluten Free cookies and a cup of tea, we will briefly cover the topic on mouth breathing, snoring, bedwetting, crooked teeth, tongue tie, ADHD and more. We hope to give you some take home tips to help you and your loved one to breathe better, sleep better and smile bigger.
Event is usually hold on the either the 1st or 2nd Thursday of each month at 4:30pm. Changes may occur. To confirm the time, please check on our Facebook page or call/text at (469) 252-0522.
Next Tea Talk with Molar Bear:

2/28/2019 (Thursday) 4:30pm

01/10/2019 (Thursday) 4:30pm