What is a biological dentist?

Molar Bear Family Dental - Your holistic dentist in Frisco

Holistic… Biological… Integrative… What does it all REALLY mean?

Keep in mind that every health care provider may view these terms differently.
At Molar Bear Dental, Dr. Wang views each patient from a holistic perspective.
This means that when you come into our office as a patient, our team wants you to experience health and wellness not only in a dental sense but overall.
Our body is a complex system that works as a single machine with many parts. When one part is experiencing a symptom is it likely affecting another part as well.

Dr. Wang uses as many natural therapies as possible in her dental practice.

Some examples of our natural and holistic products are:

  • Fluoride free cleanings
  • BPA free composite fillings
  • Essential oil therapy
  • Laser therapy
  • Fluoride free, essential oil toothpaste samples
  • Enamel re-mineralization
  • And many more…
Dr. Wang wants to help you lead a happier and healthier life, not just for your oral health but for your entire well-being!

The environment is also important to us! We use bamboo toothbrushes, recycled paper bags instead of plastic, and limit what we print in our office!