Who benefits from ALF therapy?

One of its primary uses is to assist with proper jaw development and skeletal alignment. Therefore, we screen at a young age to determine if there any significant developmental abnormalities that would benefit from ALF. There is actually no age limitation for ALF therapy. Even newborn babies could potentially be treated with it.

From Age 0-7

The majority of our cranial and neurological system develops, including proper skeletal growth and alignment. As soon as any challenges to ideal growth is seen, ALF can theoretically be used. By gently and naturally repositioning teeth to the proper location, it will guide development in a more ideal direction.

From 7-12

About 20% of growth occurs between 7 – 12 years old, which can complicate most traditional orthodontics techniques. Given the unique design of ALF that adapts with active growth, it allows for concurrent repair as well as development.
Even after the age of 7, after the majority of growth has occurred, can ALF be used. In fact, if improper growth and development has occurred, ALF is often indicated for use to support a better result.

o The gentle, vibratory forces of the ALF stimulate bone growth to support a stable, functional result of treatment that other devices are not able to do.

Age 12 and above

It can even be used to treat adolescents greater than 12 years old. ALF is also useful in treating older patients who have experienced orthodontic relapse and wish to achieve a smile that is both beautiful and highly functional.

There are many other conditions which ALF can be beneficial, not mentioned above. Those include:

o Issues with speech

o Improper positioning of dental arches, including underbites/overbites, and crossbites

o Improper mandible or jaw development

o Issues with Airway/Breathing (Mouth breathing)

o Poor alignment of teeth

o Swallowing problems

o Sleep Breathing Disorders

o Suboptimal posture and spinal alignment

o Cranial Bone Realignment

o TMJ Disorders